Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Texas Renewable Energy Assessment is out

The new State Energy Conservation Office report regarding the Renewable Energy Potential of Texas is now available online at:

This report is an update from the original 1995 report. As another major reference

Myself and Dr. Michael Webber are co-authors on the chapter regarding energy from water resources in Texas. This water chapter is not that exciting for Texas, but we do describe some of the latest concepts in the chapter. You can also see how much (really how little) electric generation comes from hydropower while you recall the large impact that the Colorado River hydropower facilities on the quality of life for those in the Hill Country. Thank LBJ for lobbying ... or whatever he did to "get things done" ... for those back in his early days.

For further general reference, also see the State Comptroller's Texas Energy Report on overall energy resources and usage in Texas.

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